Know all the services that Tu Encomienda has for you

Now your shipments from Miami USA to Colombia are many more easy and safe with Tu Encomienda


01Make your shipments faster and safer.

02Track your shipments in real time from wherever you are through our website.

03Make the payment of your shipments with Credit / Debit cards, Efecty, Baloto or by consignment or bank transfer.

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Tu Encomienda Services

Movers and Menajes

International Moving, as well as shipments exceeding 110 Lb and the measures approved to be transported by airplanes are transported by our company through ships to the main ports of entry in Colombia.

Freight transport

Air, Maritime, Land freight transportation: We ship from Miami, the United States to any part of Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.

PO Box

Make your purchases on the Internet from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world, send them to our offices in Miami, we will receive them for you, we will check that everything you ordered is correct and in optimal condition and then we will send it to your home .

Delivery of unaccompanied baggage

Travel free of suitcases and more now that airlines have so many restrictions, if you plan to spend a short season that does not exceed more than three months send your bags with us at a lower cost.

Money Transfers

In Servicarga you can make your money transfers to Colombia and the world in a fast and safe way.


One of the services of added value that Servicarga has for you.


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